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Roadhouse Supports Bike to Work Week

This year Roadhouse is proud to host the final day of Bike To Work Week. We will be meeting at 3711 Alfred Ave for nibbles & a big send off for the riders starting at 9:30am June 2nd.

Details to follow but if you want to sign up for yourself or a team go the official GoByBike website here.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Nov 10, 2020

This is purely subjective. My family enjoys the sirloin (all in varying sizes and cook of course). I enjoy the crispy chicken salad, although it’s not the best thing to put in a to-go box as it’s pre-dressed. The only thing that you will never go wrong with there is their bread basket with cinnamon butter. I also enjoy the fried pickles (those you have to order), but they’re obviously not for everyone.

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