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Quiz Night!

Here at Roadhouse we love a gathering and we know sometimes there's not a lot to do for those who like to get out of the house of an evening. So we're doing a monthly Pub-style Quiz night.

So gather your smartest friends and colleagues this Thursday, Feb 22nd and lord your knowledge over everyone. You will be tested on a variety of different subjects from sports to politics to pop music.

Teams of 1 - 8 (you don't have to have 8 people in your team) gather at 8pm and there will be 2 questions sessions.

Entry is $5 per person and all that money goes into a pot. The top team takes home 2/3rds of the pot as a Roadhouse Gift Card and the second-to-last team takes home the other third.

You've got to be in it to win it so call us on 250-847-2101 to enter your team. Full table service will run through out if you fancy having dinner or some nibbles and we will be featuring some cocktail jug specials.

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