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From Food Truck To Restaurant

If you are wondering how Roadhouse began, read on...

Roadhouse is the bricks & mortar incarnation of a humble little food truck called Caravan started in 2015. It was created by chef & soon-to-be empty nester Michel Kafer to see if she still had the energy & interest to fulfil a lifelong dream of opening a restaurant.

The food truck was a great way of testing the Bulkley Valley's hunger for her food without the huge commitment of opening a full blown restaurant. Turns out, locals loved her food!

So with the market tested & Michel feeling ready to commit, all she needed was the right spot & a partner to do it with.

Throughout the process, Michel had been discussing her plans with her sister Moe, who had been living in UK for the past 18 years, working as a food photographer. She had secret hopes that she would come on board. The perfect building came up so she just needed the partner but Moe had no plans to leave the UK.

So the joke is Michel orchestrated Brexit and that was the impetus for Moe to come back home to Canada & together they launched Roadhouse - the crossroads where people & food meet. Between them, they have travelled far & wide collecting flavours and culinary experiences and Roadhouse is the perfect place to share those in a dining experience.

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